Employee wellness programming that is actually fun, engaging, and effective

Approximately 65% of employees said they suffered from burnout in 2023.

In the post-pandemic workplace, outdated and cookie-cutter wellness initiatives just aren’t cutting it. High stress and burnout rates are impacting productivity. The standard “workplace wellness” programs companies turn to lack personalized wellness initiatives that lead to overall dissatisfaction, and risk increasing employee turnover. At Well To-Do NYC, we have a better idea.

Well To-Do NYC provides workplace wellness programming that employees get excited about.

The modern NYC employee has higher expectations when it comes to wellness in the workplace. Our customized solutions prioritize decreasing stress, improving mental health, and boosting overall employee satisfaction by taking a more holistic approach. We work with your HR and people departments to tailor wellness programs sourced by NYC small businesses and creatives. And to ensure quality and sustainability- we use data-driven insights to continually refine and optimize employee well-being initiatives.

Our Workplace Wellness Options

Being a NYC small business herself, Connie has nurtured relationships with a vast network of wellness professionals and creatives. She sources this curated network to deliver high quality experiences for events, workshops, retreats, and wellness fairs that align with her core values and mission.

Coffee Talk LIVE!

Adios, Lunch and Learns. Coffee Talk LIVE is an engaging and entertaining series designed to educate employees on various aspects of wellness, talk-show style. Connie interviews NYC-based wellness professionals such as therapists and dermatologists and invites viewers to join in on the conversation with a Q&A. Can be virtual or in-person.

Wellness Fairs

Single or multi-day events in-house and virtually that feature local wellness providers to get employees excited about taking care of their health. Well To-Do can work with company insurance providers to collaborate to provide info and services also available through them.

Employee Field Trips

Rock climbing, day spas, museum tours, hiking, geocaching, and more! Take advantage of the amazing opportunities and experiences NYC has to bring your employees closer together

Retreat Coordinating

Well to do NYC can either support retreat coordinators to include a wellness element, or plan, organize, and run the entire retreat. We are partnered with various locations that are perfect for a work retreat experience.

Fitness Center Design & Management

If your company wants to add a fitness center, Well To-Do NYC can design the optimal fitness center for the needs of the employees as well as assist in staffing and programming, if needed.

Good Clean Fun Club

Good Clean Fun Club hosts events within various types of wellness. Some are free, some paid, some in-person and some virtual. See upcoming events for info and registration!

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